Storing Garden Furniture Indoors

Storing Teak Furniture Indoors

Storing Teak Furniture Indoors

Should I store my teak furniture indoors for the winter?

Although teak furniture will live quite happily outdoors, if you have space it can be brought into a sheltered place such as a garage or shed for winter storage.

However, please do keep in mind that it might not be a good idea to bring outdoor furniture directly into a heated area which might be very dry – for example a conservatory.

Any timber will adapt to its environment, taking in and loosing moisture is it does so. So bringing outdoor furniture straight into a hot dry indoor area will probably bring down the moisture content from the higher ambient outside average. If the moisture content is reduced too quickly this might be harmful and could result in joints splitting or components warping.

If you are going to store outdoor furniture in a heated indoor space it is best try to keep the humidity of the space higher initially and reduce it gradually to help the furniture acclimatize. A bowl or two of water placed around there will help as will keeping a window open.

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