Splits in Teak Furniture

Splits in Teak Furniture

You may notice that some small splits (often called 'checks') will appear on the wood. This is especially likely on end grain areas.

These small splits are a natural reaction by the timber to the seasonal changes in its moisture content. All timbers are more or less like a sponge and as summer comes round timber left outdoors will tend to dry, but in winter it will soak up more moisture again.

Because of the strength and durability of  Teak and its ability to resist splitting it is more resistant to these fluctuations in its moisture content and it is most unlikely that any small splits will disrupt the structural integrity of your Teak furniture.

Indeed many manufacturers will not consider small end grain splits as a guarantee defect, but if you spot a split in the teak and think that it is (or will become) a structural issue then contact your supplier at the earliest opportunity. A picture speaks a thousand words and if you can email them a photo or two of the defect it will help them to advise you more quickly.

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