Should I Oil My Teak Furniture

Should I Oil My Teak Furniture

 Should I Oil My Teak Furniture

As a general rule, if you are buying teak furniture made from premium timber it doesnt actually need oiling or any finish to preserve it, and oiling it wont improve the durability of the product. But it can be oiled and whether to do so or not is largely an aesthetic consideration.

If left in its natural state Teak will slowly 'weather out' over its first year or two and take on an attractive silver grey colour. Once the furniture has reached this colour it will usually keep that state for many years. On the positive side this is a maintenance free condition and in this fast paced modern world that is a distinct benefit. 'Low maintenance' is often near the top of the list of reason as to why people buy Teak furniture..

However if preferred the wood can be given an application of teak oil. This has the effect of darkening the natural colour and it certainly does enrich it and 'bring out the grain'. This can make the furniture look more attractive. The oil also helps to stabilise the new colour against the effects of weathering.

But the downside is that after a year or two the oiled surface will likely start to become discoloured and can look unsightly. This usually means it is time to re-oil the furniture. And possibly re-oiling it every year or two thereafter to keep it looking good. This can be considered a chore. But if you decide against re-oiling and sit it out for another year or two the oil will quite probably wear away completely.

Its worth mentioning that 'Teak Oil' will soak into the wood as opposed to finishes like coatings and varnish that sit on top. It is the experience of the writer that finishes which 'sit on' the timber have the possibility of failing and allowing water in, which can result in the finish peeling away. This looks unsightly and the work of removing the finish completely is usually very difficult. So my opinion would be to check very carefully before applying this type of finish.

So to sum up: There is no real technical need to oil Teak furniture but the choice is a personal one to make, based on how you'd like your furniture to look balanced against the time and cost of maintaining it.

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