Sanding Teak Furniture

Sanding Teak Furniture

Sanding Teak Furniture

A question often asked is "Can I sand my Teak Garden Furniture" The short answer is "yes... but carefully!"

Consider first if you actually do need to sand it at all. If not too dirty it can be cleaned simply or if more stained by using more elaborate specialist cleaners.

If you do decide to sand your furniture do please be aware that if you need to sand heavily (for example if a stain has penetrated deeply) that hard sanding can quickly remove large quantities of timber which might significantly affect the appearance, integrity or even the guarantee of your furniture. This especially applies to power sanding and even more so when using coarser grades of abrasive paper.

Hand sanding is effective for small areas and can be very satisfying if a little tiring. Remember to always use a sanding block to keep the paper flat on the work.

The writer has found that using 'Wet-or-Dry' or 'Open Coat' abrasive papers are most efficient for hand sanding teak. But even then because teak is naturally oily the paper clogs frequently during use. Lower numbers are coarser (harsher) grades, higher number are finer. Depending on the nature of the stain you may need to start with a coarser grade of abrasive paper - perhaps as low as 80 grit for stubborn stains or more likely 120 grit, and then work through 180 and 240 grades finishing with 320.

If you take a power sander to your prized Teak furniture please do so only with the utmost care and respect for the timber, and if you are inexperienced with a power sander a good suggestion is to always try a test on some scrap wood first.

Ultimately if you are in any doubt please contact your furniture supplier, and tool supplier directly for their advice.

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