How to Oil Teak Furniture

How to Oil Teak Furniture

How to Oil Teak Furniture

If you do decide to apply teak oil to your furniture the first thing to be said is: read the literature! Both from the oil and furniture manufacturers and contact them directly if you are in any doubt.

If you have decided to oil your furniture its definatey preferable to do it whilst it is still new. If you are going to oil aged furniture you will really want to clean it and possibly sand it first.

Having read the literature from your chosen Teak Oil you should now understand that most teak oils are quite easy to apply. Although easy, application can be a little messy so cover the patio or lawn under the furniture first and keep plenty of clean rags or wipes handy.

The writer typically uses a 1 or 2 inch brush to apply a liberal coat, leaves it a few minutes (depending on ambient conditions) to soak in and then uses plenty of clean rags to wipe excess away. (do remember that wipes should always be discarded carefully after use) You probably want to apply a 2nd, or even 3rd coat and depending on conditions you might need to wait from a couple of hours, up to a day or more between coats.

It always helps to work in a methodical fashion – try to complete each section in its own right, and its a good idea to work from top to bottom to help avoid splashes over where you've already done.

And lastly – read the literature again! Remember that when applying any finish to any furniture it is very important to follow both the finish and the furniture manufacturer’s recommendations very carefully. A good tip is to always try a small test in an inconspicuous place first.

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