Cleaning Teak Furniture

Cleaning Teak Furniture

The writer has had good success at a low cost by simply using mildly soapy water and a stiff brush, washing down with clean water afterwards. The Victorians would recommend distilled white vinegar to remove mildew and baking soda to remove stains. These may well help you clean your teak furniture, I suggest some specialist research first depending on the condition of your furniture.

An absolute certainty is that you should not be tempted to use any kind of steel wool or wire brush, as loose particles of steel will become lodged in the grain and will rust in-situ with disastrous results.

The ease with which it can be cleaned does depend on how long since the furniture was last cleaned and how stubborn any stains are. Furniture which has been under trees or a hedges can become stained green and this is often difficult to shift.

More ingrained stains may need a more vigorous treatment and you may decide a cleaning product needs to be purchased. There are many proprietary cleaners for Teak furniture on the market.. If you use these, always follow the manufacturers guidelines. Some of the two part ones involving a cleaner and a restorer are particularly effective. The writer has had good experience with a product from

The worst stains can sometimes only be removed by sanding the affected area. But do consider this option carefully first - especially if the stain has penetrated deeply, because hard sanding (and particularly power sanding with coarse grades of abrasive paper) can quickly remove large quantities of timber which might significantly affect the appearance, integrity or even the guarantee of your furniture

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